Wilson’s has consistently provided exemplary service and expert advice, at almost embarrassingly reasonable costs. They have never failed to exceed our expectations. Our family is very thankful that we can count on their service, to help us with all of our vehicle repair and maintenance needs.
— George

Although I take my car in for regular servicing, it runs better now then it has over the last 2 years. I will return to Auto Tech for all my servicing.
— Merilyn

I have been coming to Auto Tech for over 3 years and what I am impressed with the most is how they stand by their work, offer fair prices, and do not charge for trivial things.
— Josh

My wife and I were very impressed with this facility and the staff. All were ‘Top Notch’!! I was given the name from a friend and because of their reputation an estimate was not required.
— Ken

I have been coming to Auto Tech for over 3 years and what I am impressed with the most is how they stand by their work, offer fair prices, and do not charge for trivial things.
— Josh

 About Us

About Us at Wilson’s AUTO TECH in Edmonton.

We believe honesty and integrity are the key, not only to a successful and productive business but also to a positive and happy life. By serving others, we enjoy not only the benefits of hard work, but also the blessings of those around us, day in and day out.

Code of Ethics

 Wilson’s Auto Tech subscribes to the following business practices.
To perform high quality repair service at a fair price.
To have a sense of personal obligation to every customer.
To use only proven merchandise of high quality, distributed by reputable firms.
To employ the best skilled technicians available.
To furnish an itemized invoice for fairly priced parts and services which clearly identifies any used or re manufactured parts.
To save replaced parts for inspection upon request.
To recommend corrective and maintenance services, and explain which of these are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance.
To offer the customer an estimate for work to be performed.
To furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services.
To obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer.
To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept.
To maintain customer service records for one year, or more.
To exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while in our possession.
To maintain a system for fair settlement of customers’ complaints.
About Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. Home of Wilson’s AUTO TECH

…  your local auto repair shop for quality Acura, Honda, Toyota repair and Maintenance services n Edmonton. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, but also much more. It’s a cultural and educational center as well, hosting world-class festivals year round. Home of the world’s largest mall, it is also home to Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum. Central to the boom economy of Edmonton are the oil tar sands, located at the north end of the Edmonton-Calgary corridor transportation route that links these two major cities in Alberta, Canada. But regardless of oil economics and the controversies surrounding the tar sands, sports seems to the major interest for the local Edmontonians. The Edmonton Oilers Ice Hockey team is universally supported, as is the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club.

 Automotive Services

  1. Oil and Filter Change
  2. Factory Recommended Maintenance
  3. Timing Belt Replacement
  4. Cooling System Services
  5. Clutch and Transmission Repair
  6. Automotive Computer Diagnostics
  7. Drivability Complaints
  8. Tires, Wheels, Four Wheel Alignment
  9. Air Conditioning repair and Service
  10. Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs
  11. Engine Overhaul & Replacement


Oil and Filter Change

Acura, Honda, Toyota Oil and Filter Change

• Replace oil filter and motor oil

• Adjust tire pressure15 point check that includes: condition of air filter, CV boots, engine fluids, automatic transmission fluid, coolant levels, headlights and clearance lights.

• 15 point check that includes: condition of air filter, CV boots, engine fluids, automatic transmission fluid, coolant levels, headlights and clearance lights.


Factory Recommended Maintenance

Acura, Honda, Toyota Factory Recommended Maintenance Services

• We use all genuine warranty approved parts and fluids.

• Factory recommended interval services: 8,000 km service, 24,000 km service, 48,000 km service, 60,000 km service, etc.


Timing Belt Replacement

Acura, Honda, Toyota Timing Belt Replacement

• Replace timing belt with genuine top quality timing belts, check and report conditions of tensioner bearing and engine seals to prevent break down and engine damage


Car Cooling System Service

Acura, Honda, Toyota Cooling System Repair and Service

• Complete diagnostic and repair of cooling system
• Cooling system flush
• Thermostat and gasket, water pump, heater core, heater fan
• Hoses


Clutch and Transmission Repair

Acura, Honda, Toyota Clutch and Transmission Repair

• Clutch replacement
• Manual Transmission repair and replacement
• Automatic Transmission service, diagnosis and repair



Automotive Computer Diagnostics

Acura, Honda, Toyota Automotive Computer Diagnostics

• Expert diagnosis of ‘Check Engine Light’ problems using Toyota & Honda factory diagnostic equipment, to pin-point all computer related problems


Drivability Complaints

Acura, Honda, Toyota Drivability Complaints, Repair and Service

• Hesitations, rough idle, stalling problems

• Diagnosis of all driving problems

Note: Our well-trained technicians use the latest 
advance PDA (personal diagnostic assistance). 
This allows us to analyze problems during road 
testing, eliminate guess work, and pin-point 
and repair the right components the first time, 
every time. This means lower costs for you.


Tires, Wheels, Four Wheel Alignment

Acura, Honda, Toyota Tires, Wheels, Four Wheel Alignment

• Tire and wheel replacements with competitive pricing on various brands
• Tire Balance and rotations
• Computerized laser alignment



Air Conditioning repair and Service

Acura, Honda, Toyota Air Conditioning repair and Service

• A/C recharge

• Diagnosis and repair of all air conditioning related problems

• R12 to R134 conversions for earlier models


Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs

Acura, Honda, Toyota Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs

• Accurate and expert diagnosis and repair of your vehicle’s electrical system
• Experienced electronic and computerized component specialists
• Detailed database of past repaired symptoms and problems
• Complete database of factory wiring diagrams and related information



Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs

Acura, Honda, Toyota Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs

• Accurate and expert diagnosis and repair of your vehicle’s electrical system
• Experienced electronic and computerized component specialists
• Detailed database of past repaired symptoms and problems
• Complete database of factory wiring diagrams and related information


Important Information about Your Brakes: READ MORE

Brake Inspection

If your Automobile isn’t stopping like it should,  bring it to Wilson’s AUTO TECH in Edmonton today!

Braking Problems are not to be taken lightly and waiting to have it looked at may just make the problem worse. At the first sign of trouble, let our certified technicians inspect your car brakes and tell you exactly what the problem is.

Our certified technicians are well trained to diagnose and replace worn components and unsafe conditions  in your vehicle. We cover the following:

Vibration during breaking
Loss of brake fluid
Loss of breaking power
ABS brake diagnosis and repair
Brake flush
Brake lights
Brake lines

We also handle Steering and Suspension, including:

Anti-lock Brakes,
Ball Joints,
Control Arms,
Drive line,
Exhaust Systems,
Motor Mounts,
Power Steering Pumps,
Power steering repair,
Rack and pinion assembly’s,
Steering gear,
Tie Rods,
Tire inspection,
Transmission Mounts,
Wheel alignment related issues,
Wheel Bearings,
Wheel sensors.



Auto Repair Edmonton

We are using this page as a auto repair information source for the motorist in Edmonton. Click on the question to see the answer. Feel free to contact us with your questions and we will post the answers here.  Customer Service is our number one priority.  When it comes to your vehicle, Customer Service is founded on (your) knowledge,  understanding and empowerment.

Light on

Oil light on, Why?

Q. What do I do if I think I saw the oil light go on, or flash?

A. NEVER drive with an oil light on or flashing! Quickly pull over and turn off the engine. Checking the oil level will quickly tell you whether the problem is lack of oil (level on dipstick is low) or lack of oil pressure (dipstick shows adequate amount of oil). If the level is simply low, or not even on the dipstick, then add oil and then restart the engine – if the light still appears, call a tow truck.

If the light stays out, you may drive home or to the nearest full service facility and find out why the oil level was low. Each time that light is on at that moment you have no oil pressure, which means that your high revving engine is running with no lubrication going to all the moving parts. End result – serious engine damage.

Please keep in mind some of the excuses we have heard over the years of why they did not pull over and turn off their engine: I was late to an important meeting; I was just trying to make it to work, or home; I was trying to get to the daycare on time; I was on the freeway trying to get closer to Houston before I pulled over. All these excuses ended with a $3000 to $6000 shop bill, plus being without their car for a week, and the price of a rental car.


My car is Overheating, Why?

Q. What do I do if I suspect my vehicle is overheating?

A. Please, never drive your vehicle when you know or suspect that your engine is overheating, you may cause serious damage. If your temperature gauge is 3/4 or over, pull over and turn off the engine. Do not try to fix it yourself – just raising your hood at the wrong time can cause serious injury. If you do not see any steam or coolant boiling out onto the ground, you should be able to allow your engine to cool off 15-20 minutes, then restart and quickly drive to the nearest phone or service facility, constantly watching the temperature gauge. If in doubt, the safest decision is to call a tow truck. Just a minimum amount of overheating can ruin your engine and cost you a bundle on replacement. Constantly observing all the gauges on your car while driving should be as regular as looking into your mirrors. It’s that important!

We realize that sometimes you have no other choice, especially when driving through an area that may be unsafe but be aware that engine repair or replacement can be a very expensive proposition. A small overheating problem can turn into a blown engine very quickly.

Used Car

Buying a used car

Q. How can you help me with the purchase of a used car?

A.  Pre purchase inspection is not just an inspection by points. Based upon our wealth of experiences with Acura, Toyota and Honda vehicles, we give insight about possible repair and maintenance, up to a year down the road. This helps you calculate the real cost of purchasing that vehicle.

We also try to identify vehicles that are from the East where salt is heavily used and can cause rust that drastically reduces the service life of a vehicle. Our customers need to be warned about the perils of such vehicles.

Buyer beware! This applies to every used vehicle be it from a private sale or a dealership. In almost all instances, these vehicles are sold “as is, where is”. Our meticulous check will help protect of you from future problems of a bad car deal.




Manufacturer’s Scheduled Maintenance

Q. Is it important to observe the Automotive maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer?

A. For years many people have argued about the Automobile maintenance schedule auto manufactures put into the owner’s manuals. They claim that these services are expensive and unnecessary. All that we can share with you is our experience. I believe in following the maintenance schedule whether you own a Honda or a Ford; they are important and they do pay off. We have had many vehicles come into our shops over the years with well over 500,000 km on it, and they all had been serviced according to the maintenance schedule. Most people do not even realize that the car manufacturer or the extended warranty companies can deny most repairs that were under warranty if you do not have receipts showing your maintained the vehicle according to your owner’s manual. Do not underestimate the importance of scheduled maintenance.


 Strange Noises, Why?


Q. What do I do if I notice a strange noise while my car is idling or while driving down the road?

A. Never ignore strange noises. If you drive the car most of the time, and you hear a noise that was not there the last time you drove the car, then you should have someone check it out for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


CAA Approved

CAA Approved


Q. Are you a CAA approved facility?

CAA Approved Facility in Edmonton.

CAA Approved Facility in Edmonton.

A. Yes, CAA Members, feel free to call for references at CAA Approved Auto Repair 430.5521.


Our Warranty


Q. What is your warranty for work done at Wilson’s Auto Tech?

A. The warranty for service and repair are 1 year or 20000 km, which ever comes first.

Q. Do you service vehicles that are still under manufacture’s warranty?
A. Yes. Furthermore we have factory trained technicians and we use all warranty approved service methods, Schedule, parts and fluids.



Why Women Prefer Wilson’s Auto Tech for Automotive Service and Repair

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1. Above all, we want to keep your vehicle safe and dependable. We know that:

  • You may have kids that need to be picked up and dropped off at various places every day and the very last thing we want is for you to worry that they might be left stranded on a street corner some day.
  • You don’t just want to be reminded of scheduled maintenance. You also want a free safety check – brakes, head and tail lights, fan belt, tires – everything we know your car needs to keep it running reliably, and keep it safe.

2.  We listen with full attention when you explain a problem your car is having. We understand how much you depend on your car and value any information you can give us. We are in this together.

3.  We respect your time. We keep repair time to a minimum, so you are without your vehicle for as short a time as possible.

4. We let you know when your car will be ready for pick-up, and have it ready for you on time!

4. We accurately schedule pickup and delivery grouped by location to certain days of the week,  so transportation is fast and efficient.

5. We limit walk-ins and waiting room customers to certain hours, then give them top priority, so as to also keep waiting room times to a minimum.

7.  We provide a clean, comfortable and quiet waiting room, should you decide to stay with us while your vehicle is repaired.

8. We are specific and clear about the work that needs to be done. We explain price, what parts are needed and why.  We want you to be educated about your car, so that you will feel more secure.

For 25 years our business has been built on trust, and we continue to work to earn and maintain that trust with each customer each and every day.

It Pays to Keep Your Car Longer

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I have a friend (and no, Doug, I’m not talking about you). This friend just finally nailed the promotion he’s been seeking for years. He got a pay hike, of course, but what set him on the wrong course was his change in status. They gave him a gym membership, a new company iPhone, and worst of all, they gave him his own parking spot with his name on it. D. Barnes. His spot was nestled right between a spanking new midnight black Acura MDX SH, and an equally spanking new silver Honda Ridgeline, both with all the bells and whistles. So our hero didn’t even consider parking his adorable little red 2006 Toyota Corolla in between them.

Doug got his promotion last Friday and on Saturday morning he showed up at the Toyota dealership looking at a new Tundra. Not wanting to outshine his colleagues and thus project undue ambition, he noted that the vehicle was a respectful thousand dollars or so below the sticker price of the Acura and the Honda…once he had added on all the bells and whistles.

Now, Doug’s meticulous reasoning was this: I just got a fantastic new job, I’m still in my forties, my future has a pot of gold at the end of it, it’s worth the investment in my new image at the company, and I’ll look like a homeless piece of jailbait if I park this old wreck between those two glistening status-machines. Unfortunately, Doug’s reasoning didn’t take into consideration the impacts this decision would have on his wallet:

His new Tundra, valued at about $55,000 when he bought it last week, was going to be worth around $25,500 in only three years. Another way he could have chosen to lose $25,500 in three years was to throw $780.00 out of his car window once a month on his way to work. But that would be stupid.

  1. His vehicle insurance was 4 or 5 times as much as it was before … Doug won’t tell me which. His wife told me it was 6 times as much, but who’s counting? Not Doug.
  2. Gasoline. I don’t think Doug was thinking about gas costs when he replaced the thrifty little Toyota Corolla engine that got him 30 mpg, with the monster Tundra machine that will hurl him from 0 to 60 in just 6.2 seconds, while getting him only 14 mpg. He’s hoping the deal Russia made with Shell Oil will somehow filter down, maybe by tomorrow.
  3. Maintenance costs on Doug’s Corolla were never much of a strain on Doug’s bank account because he had the car serviced and repaired regularly. And the tires didn’t cost as much as Costa Rica. His Tundra is going to dig way further down into his bank account to keep up with the warranty. In fact Doug has opened a new savings account just to try to cover the new financial commitments to his gorgeous new vehicle (which is red, by the way) that he will be proud to pull in beside the other cars on Executive Row.

So Doug didn’t get a raise, after all! It’s all going into the new car. He could have put that $780.00 he’s going to throw out the window every month into a savings account to buy a 3-year old Tundra down the line, letting the first owner eat the depreciation. But he didn’t do that.

Was it worth it? Well, I was sitting in Doug’s kitchen earlier this evening, after he called to cancel the romantic vacation cruise he and his wife planned, to rekindle the passion in their marriage. Barbara was standing at the sink, throwing plates down the garbage disposal. On the other hand, Doug reports that he feels like a million bucks every morning when he pulls that fire-engine-red Tundra into his reserved parking space on Executive Row.

The fact is, Doug would not have been bucking a trend if he had kept his Corolla for a few more years. Most people are keeping their cars longer, 10+ years on average, and they are getting better at taking them in for regular repairs and maintenance to increase the vehicle’s lifespan. According to Business Time Magazine, “…it’s assumed that any decent car can hit 160K without requiring major repairs”. Furthermore, “well-maintained Honda & or Toyota vehicles can easily be driven 300,000 or more,” said owner of Wilson’s Auto Tech, a Honda and Toyota vehicles service shop, in business for over 25 years.

So, what’s the hurry? Vehicles represent many things to different people. Some give their car a name and hang special charms and love bunnies around the neck of the rear view mirror. Some cruise their beauty slowly down the main drag of town after a good wash and polish. And some wear their expensive new vehicles around their necks like a ball and chain. Which will it be?

Potholes: Clunk, Bang, Pop!

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potholes can cause tire damageFellow Edmonton motorists: There is no way to escape those annoying, sometimes bone-jarring sensations caused by the thousands of potholes on our roads.

Although it is tempting to try and drive around these obstacles on our roads, it’s not advisable. Swirving to avoid potholes can lead to collision with the curb or worse yet another vehicle. Both can result in costly repair and sometimes body injury.

Over a period of time, driving over these potholes can indeed cause accelerated wear & damage to suspension parts, which leads to increased repair bills. One way to try and lessen the damage is to make sure that your tire pressure is properly inflated.

For Acura Honda & Toyota vehicles ( The vehicles that we service ). We suggest that the tire pressure be inflated as follows:

  • 32 psi or 220Kpa for light load ( 1 to 2 occupants)
  • 36 psi or 246Kpa for loaded   ( 3 or more occupants).

Wilson’s Auto Tech


Avoid Getting Stranded in the Bitter Cold Alberta Winter with these Battery Tips:

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Winter is approaching here in Edmonton, Alberta and for the next six months you will be starting your car in bitter cold weather. Unfortunately, this puts many drivers at risk of experiencing the dreaded “NO START” situation, potentially stranding them in threatening or dangerous conditions.

 The good news is you can prevent this from happening to you.

In the extreme weather we experience in Edmonton, the status of your car’s battery must be assessed and, if needed, conditioned or, in the worst case, replaced. As a auto repair shop service provider for Acura and Honda vehicles for over 30 years, I have some insights to share with you that can keep you out of trouble this coming Winter.

Here’s the problem: New vehicle designs have increasingly put a higher demand on the battery’s electrical supply, yet the battery’s design has remained relatively unchanged in size and capacity. Therefore, to travel safely in the Great White North, you must keep your battery fully charged. You simply don’t have as much leeway as those folks driving in milder climates.

The four main reasons your car or truck battery might fail to start your vehicle are:

  1. Battery low in charge.
  2. Battery post loose, corroded, or both.
  3. Battery worn-out (in service for too long).
  4. Battery internal failure (lower percentage)

Sometimes these conditions are interconnected. One failure can lead to another.  For instance, a loose battery post connection (Condition #2.) will lead to low charge and eventually lead to a NO START problem.

Although Conditions 3. and 4. require battery replacement, the good news is that a high percentage of  NO START problems in sub zero weather are simply caused by condition #1 (Battery low in charge). You can prevent low charge and also extend your car or truck battery’s service life by using a battery charger to do an overnight charge.

Caution: Improper hook up of battery charger can cause damage to vehicles electrical and computer system. In some cases, improper battery charger connections can cause explosions.

For more information about battery chargers and battery safety tips, leave a comment below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Written by:  Wilson Lam, 32 years service technician with Honda, Acura and Toyota vehicles. Owner of Wilson’s Auto Tech in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.